About Us

bea-fon is the bridge to happiness

bea-fon stands for a thoroughly Austrian product. The family company designs and develops its products with its own development team in Austria.

Austrian, safe, service-oriented and easy to use are the characteristics that set bea-fon mobile phones apart.

Bea-fon Mobile GmbH is a company of Aspöck Group, based in Peuerbach (Upper Austria), which employs more than 1.500 people worldwide.

The bea-fon brand history

For us applies: bea-fon is more than an innovative, well-designed, functionally robust mobile phone. Our aim is to create products that make people happy. Functionality, innovative strength, manageability all well and good. The decisive factor, however, is: making people happy.

The Latin "beatus" stands for "happy", "happy", "satisfied". Beatus is the ultimate form of happiness, nothing is missing. That is the lever for our brand story. With "FELIXX Premium" (felix = Latin for happy), our brand for high-quality, design-oriented premium mobile phone accessories, we remain true to the same theme.

Beafonie is the name of the new philosophy when it comes to telephoning

Why? Very easily, bea-fon cell phones make you happy. On the one hand, there is the hardware behind every bea-fon cell phone. Well thought-out, robust quality that lets you cut a good figure in your everyday life. Clarity that saves you time and nerves when it comes to calling your dream partner quickly and easily.

On the other hand, the software. This is tailor-made for your needs. Not too many technical bells and whistles, but not too little either. Tailored exactly to your needs. bea-fon just makes you happy.