General Questions

The so-called IP codes indicate how well a product is suitable for various environmental conditions and define the degree of protection against the ingress of foreign bodies and water. "IP" stands for "International Protection", because the certification is an officially recognized European standard and cannot be compared with a statement such as "water-repellent".

What do the numbers 67 stand for?

The first digit in the IP code defines protection against the ingress of foreign bodies. While 0 indicates “No protection”, the number 6 stands for “Dustproof”. The second digit, on the other hand, indicates how well the product is protected against water. The same applies here: the higher the number, the stronger the protection for the device.

Protection against foreign bodies:

0 - no protection

1 - Protected against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 50 mm)

2 - Protected against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 12,5 mm)

3 - Protected against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 2,5 mm)

4 - Protected against solid foreign bodies (diameter from 1,0 mm)

5 - Protected against dust in harmful quantities

6 - Dustproof

Protection against water:

0 - no protection

1 - Protection against vertically falling dripping water

2 - Protection against falling dripping water when the housing is inclined by 15 °

3 - Protection against falling spray water up to 60 ° from the vertical

4 - Protection against splashing water on all sides

5 - Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle

6 - Protection against powerful water jets

7 - Protection against temporary immersion

8 - Protection against permanent immersion

What does the IP67 certification mean for my bea-fon device?

The IP67 certification defines on the one hand that the device is dustproof and on the other hand protection against temporary submersion up to a maximum of 1 meter water depth for a maximum of 30 minutes. Of course, this applies to clear water; other liquids, such as salt water, soapy water, alcohol or heated liquids, are not protected. In addition, it must be ensured that all covers of the device are always completely closed so that no water can penetrate.

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