Millions of people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. According to WHO studies, this is around 466 million people worldwide. At Beafon, we are committed to integrating hearing aid technologies (ALD) into some of our devices. Our unique products not only provide security features such as SOS and GPS location, but also help solve communication problems and facilitate interaction.

The smartphone has now become an indispensable tool. Our Beafon smartphones enable a wireless connection via Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) or Bluetooth Classic to modern compatible hearing systems. This enables perfect transmission in the best quality. Our devices are also compatible with induction-capable hearing systems (T-coil).

In addition, we offer a pre-installed Beafon Smart Home App that helps you support barrier-free living. You can integrate compatible sensors, cameras and devices and set automations to receive alerts or notifications.

Bluetooth has almost become the standard in hearing aids. Bluetooth LE (BLE) stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and is characterized by energy-efficient operation, fast transfer rates and a good range. Well-known hearing aid manufacturers such as Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Signia, Audo Service Starky Widex, Oticon, ReSound, Interton, Audifon Bernafon, Sonic and Amplifon use Bluetooth LE.

Bluetooth Classic offers a bigger sound, but consumes more energy. When used with hearing aids, the use of rechargeable hearing aids is recommended to meet energy needs.

At Beafon, we pride ourselves on continually developing our products and technologies to provide people with hearing loss with an improved quality of life and unrestricted communication.

Below we present some products:

SL 720 LTE & SL260 LTE

The SL720 LTE and SL260LTE are classic push-button telephones that were specially developed for those who want things to be simple and uncomplicated. The two models are available for both 2G networks and 4G LTE networks to ensure reliable connectivity.


These phones are hearing aid compatible to the M4/T4 standard and can easily be used with hearing systems that have a T-coil/telecoil (T-coil). This enables optimal sound transmission. In addition, they have an increased earpiece volume and different ringtones that can be adapted to individual needs. The built-in equalizer allows you to further customize the sound to your preferences.


These models are characterized not only by their functions, but also by their attractive design. They are available in different color variants so you can choose the phone according to your personal style.

Another practical advantage is the included charging cradle, which makes charging the phone easy and convenient. You can place the phone in the charging cradle and it will automatically charge without having to connect a cable to the phone.

With the SL720 and SL 260 you get a reliable and user-friendly push-button phone that has been specially developed for people who value ease of use and optimal listening experiences.

Pictures_EUHA_1_SL720 LTE
Pictures_EUHA_2_Sl260 LTE


Discover the ultimate smartphone experience with our latest 4G (LTE) model. It offers a variety of impressive features to meet your needs:

Compatibility with hearing aids (M4/T4) enables a crystal clear sound experience without interference.

Wireless charging ensures convenient charging, and the fingerprint scanner allows secure and quick access to your smartphone. The SOS button gives you instant access to help in emergencies with location detection in the event of an emergency.

M9 premium

We keep up with the progress of the most modern Android smartphones with ASHA protocol (Audio Streaming to Hearing Aids). ASHA is a new Bluetooth standard for interference-free transmission directly to your compatible hearing system.

Everything is included here, classic inductive t-coil transmission, ASHA and Bluetooth LE, amplified ringtone and handset volume. Dynamic SOS emergency call system with location detection.

If you wish, our simplified and comfortable be-easy (link to be-easy film!) user interface is available to you on all of our smartphones.

Care and cleaning -Dry box BEA UB02

The Beafon UV drying box uses UV-C light to ensure the hygienic cleaning of your hearing aids.

Short-wave UV-C radiation (254 nm) is effective against bacteria and viruses. When wearing hearing aids, natural moisture develops in the ear canal, which also penetrates into the inside of the ear canal hearing aids. This moisture must be removed from the hearing aids regularly in order to maintain functionality.

The Beafon UV dry box dries reliably and gently and offers a fully automatic drying program (3 hours). After the drying process, the box switches off automatically.

The Beafon UV dry box works with UVC irradiation (15 minutes). This kills up to 99,9% of all germs.

LTE smart watch

LTE (4G) smart watch solutions. Make calls easily on your wrist without a smartphone. Location transmission and SOS emergency call button. Suitable for children and adults

4G LTE desk phone

Save on monthly basic fees. Classic landline comfort with mobile LTE (4G) technology. Convenient phone calls anywhere. No telephone socket required. 
Hearing aid compatible, powerful ringtone and +40dB earpiece volume. 

Light signaling through optical LED call display. Large dot-matrix display with easy-to-read text. Connect compatible Bluetooth LE hearing aids directly to the desk phone. 

SOS emergency call directly on the device or on your emergency call bracelet.

smart home

Accessibility and warning signals for deaf and hearing-impaired people

deaf People rely on warning signals in the form of light or vibration signals. Our smart home The program offers a solution by sending text or vibration notifications directly to the smartphone. If necessary, outdoor cameras with a 90dB SOS siren are also available.

Our devices are Tuya, Matter, Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. Combine compatible ones Products from different manufacturers such as smoke detectors, motion sensors, cameras, video intercom systems, Lighting or kitchen appliances and put together your own scenes easily and conveniently.

Indoor cameras with intelligent sensors like  Sound and motion detection make it easier to interact with babies, small children, pets or people in need of care.


Sensors are practical technical aids for deaf or hearing-impaired people. They reliably transmit a variety of acoustic or optical signals such as movement, shock, humidity, light or temperature directly to your smartphone. Visual test or vibration signals specifically help you perceive events and carry out your daily activities.