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Our product families

Our product families

Well thought out? Yes, really well thought out! There are cell phones that are so full of technology that you would need an expert for every challenge. There are also cell phones that have so many design variations that you need a lot of time to look through everything. And there are cell phones that are well thought out. Well thought out in design, functionality and quality. Like bea-fon. Isn't it a good feeling that such cell phones still exist today?


Simple? Yes, really easy! bea-fon cell phones combine very individual needs with a very individual cell phone. Your SOS emergency button gives you security around the clock. Their ease of use makes calling easier than ever. Isn't it a good feeling to know that you are safe and in good hands?


Does what it says on the tin? Yes, it does what it says on the tin! In rain, storm and other hardships. Active Line cell phones are robust contemporaries. Safe thanks to extremely long standby times and emergency call functions. Isn't it a good feeling to have a tough partner?

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Beafonie is the name of the new philosophy

Why? Quite simply, bea-fon smartphones make you happy. For one thing, it's the hardware. Well thought-out, robust quality that lets you cut a good figure in your everyday life. Clarity, which saves you time and nerves when it comes to calling your dream partner quickly and easily.

On the other hand, the software. This is tailor-made for your needs. Not too many technical bells and whistles, but not too little either. Tailored exactly to your needs. bea-fon just makes you happy.