Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of a Bea-fon device?

There are many advantages to a Bea-fon device! In general our products are user friendly, they are of high quality, they are innovative, they have an ergonomic and stylish design and have clever functionalities. Above all, they are tailored to your needs and wishes! The functions vary per device. All our mobile phones are equipped with an SOS button which, with one press of a button, get you help if needed. Our mobile phones are hearing aid friendly, have a large display and large buttons.

What is the warranty period of my phone / battery?

All phones which you will find in the produc list on the beafon website have a 3 years warranty period from date of purchase, all other phones 2 years warranty period from date of purchase.
On your battery you have a 6 months warranty-period from date of purchase.    Please read careful the warranty terms and conditions in the user manual of your mobile phone. If anything is wrong with your phone, please take the phone and the original invoice back to the store where you purchased it . They will help you.

Where is the nearest selling point?

You can find the nearest shop on our website. Go to --> Service -->  Shop locator:

Customer Care and click on Selling point. You can than enter your City to search.

How can I reach the customer service?

Currently you can contact us via the contact form on our website or contact our service partner . Go to --> Service - Contact.

Fill out the form and send it to us. We strive to answer your question within 3 weekdays.

Are the Bea-fon device SIM lock free?

Yes, all the Bea-fon devices are SIM lock free.

Is there a Bluetooth functionality on the phones?

Yes, the S33, S40, S210, S400, S700, SL205, SL215, SL320, SL450 , SL550, SL560, SL650 and T850 are equipped with Bluetooth!

All "Classic Line" models support the Bluetooth function!


This applies to all Bea-fon phones: Do not look directly into the beam when the torchlight is on!