Model AL550


Dual SIM
300 Contacts

AL550 - Active Line!

Robust in any situation, since this model was

precisely engineered for it. A reliable companion

for all of your leisure activities. Whether it’s during hiking, exercise or on the job, the AL550 model will not leave you high and dry, even in difficult environments. Thanks to its IP67 protection rating, this model is well-protected against the ingress of water, dust or even minor drops. But the design is also something that makes this outdoor telephone something very special in its three colours of black-silver, black-red and black-orange.

Its ample features, such as an illuminated colour display, an illuminated keyboard, a camera, Bluetooth, alarm, radio, MicroSD card slot up to 16GB and the ever-so important dual SIM function are just a small part of all existing comfort features.

An outdoor telephone in an attractive case that leaves nothing to be desired.


USB / Micro USB cable


Car charger
Charger cradle